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Ridge Augmentation services offered in Los Gatos, CA
If you’ve had a tooth extracted, ridge augmentation surgery helps reconstruct your natural gum and jawline. At Los Gatos Dental Specialists in Los Gatos, California, the experienced dental team may recommend this surgery if you’ve lost integrity of your jawbone and are looking to receive dental implants. Call the office to set up an appointment to find out more about ridge augmentation surgery, or use the online tool to book today.
Ridge Augmentation Q & A

Who benefits from ridge augmentation?

Ridge augmentation surgery is often performed after tooth extraction or on people who have missing teeth and want a dental implant. The procedure shapes the jaw and addresses any bone loss that may have occurred due to periodontal disease or other medical conditions. 

Ridge augmentation is performed in the alveolar ridge, the place in the jaw where the bone surrounds the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is missing, the body usually fills the empty socket with bone and tissue. 

In some cases, however, the body is unable to heal on its own. The socket deteriorates, leading to bone loss. 

To be a good candidate for a dental implant, you must have enough bone density in these alveolar ridges to support the metal posts. Ridge augmentation rebuilds this bone so you can replace missing teeth with implants that look and feel natural. 

What happens during ridge augmentation?

The ridge augmentation procedure involves placing tissue or a bone graft in the void left by a missing tooth. This forms a healthy, solid base for dental implants. 

Often, ridge augmentation is done right after tooth extraction to prevent severe bone loss. The treatment area is already numbed with local anesthesia, so you feel minimal discomfort. The dentist places grafting material into the alveolus, the bony socket for the root of a tooth. The gums are then sutured over the alveolus to promote healing. 

After several weeks, the bone grows into the empty space and provides density for future dental implants. The graft actually encourages your body to produce more bone and assist in the healing. 

Where do the bone grafts for ridge augmentation come from?

The providers at Los Gatos Dental Specialists use bottle bone grafts obtained from a tissue bank. These banks carefully screen donors and extensively test and treat the bone graft material before distributing them to medical offices. Bone grafting is extremely safe. 

If you have missing teeth and want a dental implant, contact Los Gatos Dental Specialists to set up an appointment and learn if you need ridge augmentation first. Call today or use the online tool to schedule your visit.