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Sinus Lift services offered in Los Gatos, CA
You benefit from a sinus lift if your sinuses have caused bone loss in your upper jaw ridge. Ample bone is required to receive dental implants, a solid, effective replacement for missing teeth. At Los Gatos Dental Specialists, the experienced team can determine if you would benefit from a sinus lift and schedule you for the procedure. Call the Los Gatos, California, office today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.
Sinus Lift Q & A

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is performed in the upper jaw. Your sinuses are the hollow spaces in your skull and the face bones that surround your nose. As you get older, your sinuses grow in volume and take bone from the upper jaw ridge.

If you need implants to stand in for missing upper teeth, bone loss in the area makes it difficult to anchor the metal posts. During a sinus lift, bone is grafted to the area to lift up the bottom of the sinuses and create a solid base for dental implants. 

How do I know if I need a sinus lift?

The providers at Los Gatos Dental Specialists evaluate your bone integrity to determine if you need a sinus lift to support future implants. You may have lost bone due to the natural aging process, gum disease, or lost teeth in the upper jaw. 

What happens during a sinus lift?

Your dentist from Los Gatos Dental Specialists can use one of several types of approaches to perform your sinus lift. You receive a local anesthetic and possibly oral or intravenous sedatives to make you comfortable. 

In most procedures, the dentist makes an incision in the back portion of your gum tissue to expose the bone. They then cut a very small area of the bone and lift this cut portion up into the sinus cavity. 

Next, they add bone graft materials to the newly lifted area. The dentist sutures the area, and you’re sent home to heal. 

What is recovery like after a sinus lift?

Expect to have a little discomfort and swelling following your sinus lift. The providers at Los Gatos Dental Specialists give you thorough aftercare instructions. Some recommendations include:

  • Avoiding blowing your nose or sneezing frequently
  • Using any prescribed saline spray
  • Taking pain medications and antibiotics as instructed
  • Using an antimicrobial mouthwash to help prevent infection

The team schedules a follow-up visit after several days to make sure you’re healing properly.

To learn more about how a sinus lift can help you, call Los Gatos Dental Specialists today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.