Patient Reviews

Larry was amazing with my root canal procedure. I highly recommend.

Tanesha S.

I really appreciated Dr Puccinelli's knowledge of why I'm having a sensitive tooth. In my recent visits, he took a more conservative route and put me on penicillin for some tooth sensitivity I was having (vs dive right in to a root canal). I told him I also have been having sinusitis for over a year on and off (my ENT could not solve this problem) and Dr Pucinelli suspected that the sinus issue may be related to my sensitive tooth being infected. A few weeks later after finishing the penicillin, I seem to have no further sinus issues. What a relief! (I am a professional singer and my voice is finally sounding consistently clear instead of sounding nasal on and off.) Big thanks to the Dr for helping solve this issue! It is also a relief I do not have to have a root canal! Also, I appreciated his thorough explanation of the CT scan follow up he had me do. He showed me the scan and walked me through the details of it, showing he saw no fracture or infection after my round of penicillin. Definitely a relief. And lastly, Dr Puccinelli seems to genuinely care about his patients. He gave me a root canal 2 years ago and was very caring and cautious throughout my experience. His kindness and approachable personality always put me at ease.

Monica M.

Dr. Puccinelli was referred to me by my primary dentist Dr. Kini. I trusted Dr. Kini as he has been my primary dentist for many years as I lived in the Bay Area most of my life. Dr. Kini's recommendation did not disappoint. Dr. Puccinelli was courteous and inviting as was his staff. He performed my procedure quickly and painlessly. I now reside in Clovis; CA and the drive was absolutely worth it. A+ service

Michael M.

Dr. Madani was personable, warm, kind, and professional. He fully explained what the course of treatment would entail with compassion, putting my fears at ease.

Anne W.

Dr. Peter Lyu, DDS is an excellent oral surgeon, and a friendly person. Even though, I had to wait couple of weeks for my appointment, It was worth it! Thanks very much for your professionalism and kindness:-)

Igor K.

i was very happy with the work done by Dr. Siamak Madani, DMD. I would recommend anyone looking for a periodontist to contact his office, very professional.

Guadalupe Z.

I had a very good understanding with Dr. Lawrence Puccinelli. He could understand my problem and helped. I like his way of treating and taking care of his patients. He is a very nice gentleman.

Natarajan P.

Great office experience and courteous service everywhere there with excellent dental surgery from Dr. Lyu.

Robert E.

All the people were great doctor very good And fast

Jose C.

The work was done quickly and with out too much pain, time will tell how well the job becomes

Robert G.

Quick efficient and to the point.

Amanda B.

Implant procedure went smoothly and Dr. Lyu was careful and professional.

Daniel L.

Everyone was very helpful! All my questions were answered & very helpful advice given. Thanks!

Robert B.

Dr. Madani was very personable. He made me feel very comfortable to ask questions. He also explains very well the situation and the options you have as a patient. Everyone in the office was friendly from the moment you walk in.

Susan Y.

Dr. Madani is a skilled periodontist with a good bedside manner. He performed two successful gum grafting surgeries, on each side of my mouth. My gums are much improved with more tissue protecting my teeth. The use of donor tissue was a game changer, much better than some descriptions from friends who had tissue removed from the roof of their mouths for grafting to their gums. Dr. Madani kept things lite to ease the tension during the surgery but did so with skill. I recommend him if you have a similar need.

William M.

Dr. Puccinelli explained each step of the procedure that I found very comforting. The procedure was very quick.

Josie M.